Sponsorship & Exhibition

The NDIS New World Conference 2015 is expected to attract in excess of 1500 delegates from across Australia.

Why should you be involved?

The NDIS is looking for corporate partners who share the ideals and aspirations of the NDIS and are interested in collaborating with us to help create a new vision for life with a disability in the 21st century, based on innovation and technology.

The NDIS New World Conference 2015 will be an exciting showcase of ideas and ingenuity, where the future is now and the opportunities endless.

NDIS New World Conference 2015 Highlights

  • A showcase of technology and innovation that provides better access and information about best practice.
  • Demonstrations of assistive and other technology that enhance individual capacity.
  • A link to people through local support groups, clubs, associations, initiatives and programs.
  • A showcase of aids and equipment that maximise mobility and independence.
  • Sharing success stories from the NDIS trial sites, and how they inform discussions around the roll out of Full Scheme.
  • A platform to display technological innovations that will build the community’s capacity to make it easier to participate in everyday life.

How do you benefit?

  • A unique opportunity to interact with leading experts and gain insights into the latest national and international developments in the disability sector.
  • Organisational exposure to a highly interested and influential audience in a learning environment.
  • The opportunity to showcase new products and services.
  • The opportunity to access a wide potential client base.
  • The alignment of your company to a strong educational experience demonstrating your commitment to personal skill and learning development at the national level.

For all queries regarding sponsorship & exhibition, please contact:

Shea Hanson
NDIA Engagement and Communications
T: 02 6146 6598
M: 0475 972 784
email: ndisnewworldconference@ndis.gov.au