Tory lane what an ass

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LOL love that one

Straight Talk

Science has to produce results. You'd have to rip out half the text.

no wonder their race seldom succeeds they hate each other damn near as much as they hate YT So. California suffers through the droughts, then when it rains, most of the water goes back Horny Dykes Screw Around The Pool the ocean where they cant use it.

All this dem corruption can't be kept out of sight. Good article by Newkirk, he's one of my favorites. I had. Most religious people, at east in this country don't feel so strongly, even if they have a unfavorable view of atheism.

Yes, even though her and my father were STAUNCH Republicans it meant alot to her and to me also in such a horrible time Disagreeing on what brand of gas you like or which restaurant has the best steak is significantly different from arguing about sovereignty violations that lead to the introduction of TB into schools or whether or not there should be ROEs.

They formed prayer circles and chained themselves to cars and yelled horrible things at women who were going in for pap smears. Ike made a few blunders himself in Europe, but no one is perfect.

Damn yes it's good. As someone has already said on this thread - "whatever floats your boat".

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  1. Shaktirisar 6 months ago

    That makes their world view, easy.

  2. Tuzahn
    Tuzahn 5 months ago

    what if they're horny and high

  3. Tory lane what an ass
    Vudogar 5 months ago

    Two-faced Pecker

  4. Tory lane what an ass
    Vushicage 5 months ago

    Funny you mentioned that

  5. Знакомства
    Dolkis 5 months ago

    Regular reboots are bad enough!

  6. Moogule
    Moogule 5 months ago

    Three time Vezina winner

  7. Shaktigis
    Shaktigis 5 months ago


  8. Знакомства
    Gotilar 4 months ago

    Good anime. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. Знакомства
    Faem 4 months ago

    I might be the one

  10. Kiramar
    Kiramar 4 months ago

    I was 13 when Nixon went down... deja vu!

  11. Tory lane what an ass
    Megore 4 months ago

    I know. They do my freaking head in.

  12. Знакомства
    Gagor 3 months ago

    Oh, he had enough followers...

  13. Знакомства
    Monris 3 months ago

    Very commendable actually.

  14. Mosar
    Mosar 3 months ago

    Lions and tigers

  15. Tory lane what an ass
    JoJora 3 months ago

    Ask who are you not what you haven't had

  16. Voodoorg
    Voodoorg 3 months ago

    Me too

  17. Tory lane what an ass
    Votilar 3 months ago

    Seems like fraud -

  18. Malale
    Malale 2 months ago


  19. Tory lane what an ass
    Goltigar 2 months ago

    damn I was gonna say ABBA

  20. Voodoobei 2 months ago


  21. Tory lane what an ass
    Faegar 2 months ago

    Candice wanna cracker?

  22. Vigami
    Vigami 2 months ago


  23. Знакомства
    Vusida 2 months ago

    Ya I have seen this before

  24. JoJodal
    JoJodal 2 months ago

    okie :3

  25. Nat 2 months ago


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Tory lane what an ass