Reality Czech - Scene 1

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Yep, me too but everyone else is in a great mood and that has its benefits Friday used to mean, Payday and WooHoo its the weekend.

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My plan is just to go cannibal mad Max style. Did I tell you yet that he sells only german cars (mainly BMWs and Audis) to destroy America.

Turns out the reason they shifted is the blueberry's weren't flame retardant material so they went Army style as it also accommodates IA duty ashore. Wow.

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  1. Знакомства
    Nak 6 months ago

    Cohen again! Public Enemy Number One!

  2. Yozshujas
    Yozshujas 6 months ago

    Shep is extremely to the left and anti Trump.

  3. Aranos
    Aranos 5 months ago


  4. Fekus
    Fekus 5 months ago

    Bbbbuuutttt.. it is distracting from his distractions! Not fair!

  5. Reality Czech - Scene 1
    Kakree 5 months ago

    Btw Energy can become visible. It is called light.

  6. Знакомства
    Kazigul 5 months ago

    freaky mfs

  7. Vutilar
    Vutilar 5 months ago

    Venison heart is wonderful.

  8. Reality Czech - Scene 1
    Nanris 4 months ago

    Maybe it was just one time to many

  9. Знакомства
    Dilar 4 months ago

    unlike Richared Gere's 'friend', who was quite aware LOL

  10. Dabar
    Dabar 4 months ago

    Pretty sure a state statute was violated.

  11. Reality Czech - Scene 1
    Sajar 4 months ago


  12. Знакомства
    Kajilkree 3 months ago

    The original was a throw away in a long line of other mix matched monster movies, megaladon, boa vs python, etc etc.. Sharknado just seemed to hit the right amount of seriousness and campiness to become a cult classic with its over the top ridiculousness. Of course they're going to milk it as long as they can, which is okay. Everyone knows it's supposed to be dumber than a bag of hammers and silly. I think they even did one in space. There's no telling though when a campy silly series will... jump the shark.

  13. Arashitaxe 3 months ago

    Just got off work

  14. Kazralkree 3 months ago

    this was a good one!

  15. Reality Czech - Scene 1
    Karisar 3 months ago

    A proven fact, but not always

  16. Faujin
    Faujin 3 months ago

    Hey what's up. Just got back.

  17. Reality Czech - Scene 1
    Akinohn 3 months ago

    i love you

  18. Reality Czech - Scene 1
    Samukinos 3 months ago

    Shame that people trust pbs so much

  19. Akinogis
    Akinogis 3 months ago

    Then kneeling for black criminals.

  20. Akizahn 3 months ago

    Thank you.

  21. Reality Czech - Scene 1
    Vuktilar 2 months ago

    Quran 6-151

  22. Murr 2 months ago


  23. Знакомства
    Shajora 2 months ago

    Google st Clair beach Dunedin

  24. Знакомства
    Dozragore 2 months ago

    Right where you belong 😘

  25. Reality Czech - Scene 1
    Gozragore 2 months ago

    Cool. Who's your favorite character

  26. Знакомства
    Malanris 1 month ago

    Oh yay! I love Contrapoints!

  27. Знакомства
    Dougrel 1 month ago

    You get my point.

  28. Nikogore
    Nikogore 1 month ago

    Women or not, they ALL become men eventually.

  29. Kikazahn
    Kikazahn 1 month ago

    How are you?

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Reality Czech - Scene 1
Reality Czech - Scene 1
Reality Czech - Scene 1